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We don't share your roofing leads with others, unlike other lead-generation sites. The roofers leads you receive are yours when we partner with you in a particular city. You will get more roofers leads and can close more jobs. It's as simple as that.

Low Cost Leads

We aren't cheap because we don't want to be. Because your business is unique, we offer different payment and investment options. We offer a variety of payment options, including flat rates, percentage of closed sales, and pay per lead fees. We are available to schedule a meeting to discuss your company, your goals, and how we could partner.


You can get FREE leads from me. Is that possible? I am so confident in my Roof Replacement and Roof Repair leads that I know you will want more. You are not at risk with my business model.
Our targeted roofing contractor content platform will help your company reach consumers and make your brand more memorable.


Your customers can connect with you directly, unlike other roofing lead generation websites like Angi or Home Advisor. You can access the roofing leads immediately and there's no need to return to them later. Answer your phone and send an email, just like you would normally. You will be connected to more roofers leads and customers than ever before.


You want to get hundreds of qualified roofing leads each month. Many of our contractors do this! Although the amount of roofers leads you get will depend on where you are located and what city you live in, we can guarantee that you will receive more roofing contractor marketing than ever. Our team will connect your roofing company brand with consumers.

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I want to ensure that we have the same goals in a long-term partnership. I am looking for partners for many years in a particular market. I will gladly give you roofing leads upfront. After you have seen the potential of the roofing leads and started making money, I will only ask for a small amount on the backend. My goal is for our partnership to align to help you sell more jobs and grow the business.

I'm ready to expand my Roofing Business.

Who are these roofing leads for?

  • Roof Replacement Contractors and roofers
  • Exclusive roof replacement leads are for roofers who want to grow their business.
  • Companies that can generate 100% exclusive roofing leads are the best way to go
  • Businesses that take their job seriously and answer the phones promptly, return messages to customers, and conduct business professional get the most out our roofing leads program.

How do you get your Roof Replacement Leads?

We receive leads for roof replacement and roof repair from customers who search Google for different terms. Customers will most often search for “roofer” or “roof repair + city” on Google. These will direct customers to our websites, where they can request estimates for the local market. This ensures that you get highly qualified leads that will make you money.

For roofing companies, generating guaranteed roofing leads, marketing, and business development is a considerable challenge. Roofing companies generate leads via marketing techniques like paid advertising, natural SEO, and attending trade events or canvassing in person. Additionally, some roofers pay third-party brokers to swap contact details with prospects, which lowers exchange rates.

In general, there are two categories of roofing leads: shared and exclusive. Prospects who only contact your roofing firm are referred to as exclusive leads, whereas shared leads are open to numerous contractors at once.

Shared Roofing Leads: Brokers often apply to numerous rival businesses.

Exclusive Roofing leads: Usually arrive from marketing and only apply to your firm.

Naturally, there are lead variances per industry. Commercial roofing leads, for instance, differ from roof replacement leads in terms of value and availability. Comparing leads for metal roofing to leads for shingle roofing, for instance, reveals some clear advantages. For roofing experts, both supply and demand have a significant impact on cost per lead.

The following list of 6 business development tactics that will help the roofing industry generate more roofing leads:

  1. SEO

Online lead generation for roofers is best accomplished through SEO. Unless you pay a 3rd party marketing director to improve your roofing website, there is no expense to obtaining an organic rank on Google’s top page. Naturally, the majority of roofers do not have the time to write new service articles and blog entries, let alone insert page titles, meta definitions, and keywords. Although SEO is a comprehensive procedure, its results might alter your company’s standing in the market.

Technological, across content, on-page, and link building are the four fundamental pillars of SEO. Of all lead generation strategies, SEO offers businesses the highest return on investment.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Many roofers inquire as to how to obtain roofing leads on Instagram. Paid advertising is the solution. Since Google hides the majority of these updates from your followers, promoting advertisements on your home page doesn’t perform well. Instead, most users can be reached by launching sponsored advertising campaigns. To immediately obtain contact information, use Facebook Lead Ads. Alternatively, you may run more conventional ads and have consumers enter information into a strong funnel on the web page.

Lead ads are incredibly beneficial because they pre-fill forms with user contact details so that users may easily submit them. Users get tired of having to fill out their personal data, making drop-offs typical in standard online advertising forms and lead-generating channels.

  1. PPC Marketing

New roofers might quickly climb the Google ranks with the use of Google Ads. Even with a click-through rate of roughly 40%, Google Ads continues to engage a large portion of the user base. Due to intense competition, PPC advertising is becoming more expensive per click, but depending on your location, they are still a reliable way to generate leads for roofers.

PPC possibilities for businesses are also available through Microsoft Advertising (previously Bing Ads) and Google. Bing’s CPCs are lower since they hold a smaller market share than other search engines. The number of users who still use Bing makes it worthwhile to test running the occasional advertisement. Engagement is the key to your ad’s success, regardless of the medium you utilize.

  1. Direct Email

Although it might seem like snail mail is no longer helpful, statistics show that it still is for roofers. Consider whether a homeowner is more likely to look at their email inbox or their mailbox. Due to spam, the first response is the right one.

When employing an appropriate mailing list, direct mail can be as cheap as $50 per lead instead of the typical $55 per lead. Using regular mail to generate leads is still effective. Consider how sick and tired people are of receiving spam emails. Direct mail makes sense because people are more inclined to believe it than anything else in their Gmail accounts.

Similar to online forms, mailings that have eye-catching images and clear calls to action are most effective.

  1. Advertising on YouTube

In the last ten years, Roofer’s capacity for video marketing has increased. Most cell phones feature high-definition cameras that can record roofers in action and while performing their duties. By posting branded YouTube videos and then integrating those movies on your website, you may also participate in video marketing. Since YouTube is an online platform in and of itself, some potential customers might come upon you when looking through the site’s extensive video library. Others may view your video on your websites because Google takes videos into account when determining how to rank pages in search.

YouTube is a terrific venue for promoting your business and brand because adults watch more adult-oriented social media material than any other type. Many roofers have used YouTube to promote themselves and their companies, and the channel has benefited. To obtain additional inspiration for your channel, read other success stories.

In general, you don’t need to be well-known for your YouTube content to be successful. In other ways, you can create leads even if you don’t become a household name online. Creating a lot of YouTube material is also a terrific method to increase your internet visibility, which might enable you to acquire leads from other sources.

  1. Business Collaborations

In 2022, cooperating with suppliers can assist roofers in generating leads. Professional roofers can get an advantage over rivals by working with more well-known companies. Roofers occasionally even manage to secure an internal link to one of the provider websites, which helps SEO marketing indirectly increase lead generation.

You might seek out more referral partners like land developers and real estate agents who may be able to provide you with some client leads. Your chances of obtaining extra leads are better the more broadly you can expand your network.

Collaborating with online influencers in a world where commerce is increasingly conducted digitally makes sense. To talk about marketing, Roofing, and other business endeavors relevant to your company, think about joining individuals on their podcasts. The public will appreciate your insights, and you’ll also increase brand recognition.

How do the FREE Leads work?

If I have leads in that area, I will give you free leads. You can then test the leads without any risk. If I don’t have any roofing leads, it won’t mean that I can share them with you immediately. But I will ensure that you are not at risk and answer all your questions until I am confident that you want to work with me. Get in touch with me to find a solution that works for your needs!
If you own a roof replacement business, then you owe it to your team to give our lead generation service for your roof replacement leads. Our advertising marketing services is the brand that all calls companies want to partner since our leads are high quality and our clients report success.

The ads investment you make will be budget friendly and customers love working with our company. Call now to learn more information about how our experience has helped many roofing businesses reach their target audience with the cadre of roofer lead website generates customers for your vehicle glass organization.

Our proven roof replacement ad campaign generates high-value windshield auto glass lead phone call for leading windshield organization.


The location and population of your market will determine the number of leads you receive. Larger markets may receive up to 100 leads per week for Roof replacement. Smaller markets, with a lower population, might only see 25 leads per months. However with our leads starting at $85-100, this can mean a huge increase in your business. Call us to discuss your market and business.

I want to talk about partnering with you.

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